Light The Way

Anchored in stone and the past, two Delta County lighthouses have survived the ravages of time and still stand vigil on the Bays de Noc. In years past the beacons of both Sand Point and Peninsula Point lighthouses guided sailors and their ships to safe harbors. Today the lighthouses draw visitors to explore the romance and architecture of a bygone era.

The Sand Point Lighthouse

The Sand Point Lighthouse and Historical Complex is at the end of Ludington Street and across the street from the Escanaba Municipal Marina. This historical Michigan lighthouse is now fully restored, furnished and is complete with a fresnel fourth class lens still residing at the top of the tower. Mary Terry was one of the first women lighthouse keepers on the Great Lakes, and would feel right at home in the fully furnished and restored light house if she visited today. Rumors abound that decades after her death she occasionally makes an appearance to check on the lighthouse.

Peninsula Point Lighthouse

Ghosts and rumors also surround the ruins of the Peninsula Point Lighthouse. A fire destroyed the keeper’s house and today all that remains is the lens tower. The grounds where the lighthouse once resided is a park that comes to life every spring with the blooming of the lilac bushes. The park is complete with an interpretive geological trail, signs explaining the history of the light house, and plaques discussing the Monarch Butterflies that migrate through the area every fall. Visitors can still climb the wrought iron spiral staircase to the top and enjoy panoramic views and the clean breezes of Big and Little Bays de Noc.