Reasons to come every winter

Last Weekend of January: Rapid River Relic Riders Ride, Show & Swap. Unique snowmobiling fun for the entire family. Expect to see 250+ riders from the Midwest and Canada fill the streets (and trails) of Rapid River with up to 500 antique and vintage sleds (25+ years old). It’s two great days of riding, showing, swapping, games, food and family fun. Visit to learn more.


Snowmobilers rank the U.P. as one of the best in the U.S./Canada

Every year snowmobile groups and magazines across the country rank Michigan’s U.P. as one of the best places to ride. Makes sense. With more than 3,000 miles of groomed trails, you can spend a lifetime covering all the exciting terrain, breathtaking scenery and meeting new friends who share your passion for

More than 100 grooming tractors are used by 6 DNR offices and by more than 60 grant program sponsors to groom the 6,100-mile trail system.

Registration fees and snowmobile permit fees account for more than $2.5 million annually allocated for trail grooming.

What you need to know before you ride UP here

Before you hit the trails, you must obtain a certificate of registration (good for 3 years), registration decals and an annual trail permit sticker (good from Oct. 1 until Sept. 30 the following year). Complete regulations are outlined in this Michigan DNR brochure.

Where to ride across the U.P. … and near here.

Eastern Upper Peninsula Snowmobile Map

Western Upper Peninsula Snowmobile Map

Snowmobile Trail Report

Snowmobiling close by on the west side of the Hiawatha National Forest

When you are visiting the Escanaba area, the closest trails are in the Hiawatha National Forest. Here is how you can access hours of fun.

Haywire Grade Trail: 37 miles

The Haywire Grade Trail covers about 10 miles within the Rapid River/Manistique District but has an overall length of around 37 miles including the Munising District, State Forest and private land. Access to the Manistique portion is in Manistique. Many users, however, enter the trail from the “s” curves on M-94 which is about six miles north of town. Food, telephone and fuel are available along the trail at Steuben and Shingleton.

Big Springs Trail: 18 miles

The south trailhead begins at Richard’s Mill which is about a mile north of Palm’s Book State Park off Forest Road 2417. The north trailhead is at FH-13. About half of this trail winds through plantations and lowlands with the remainder along unplowed roads. While you are in the area, visit Kitch-iti-kipi, Michigan’s largest spring. Despite the wintry temperatures, it keeps gushing 10,000 gallons of water a minute. No wonder the Native Americans thought this place was magical.

Murphy Creek Trail: 9 miles

The Murphy Creek Trail is a spur route connecting the Haywire Grade and the Big Spring Trail. It is nine miles long and about half of it is along country roads. The main access points are from the Haywire Grade or Big Spring Trail and signs are provided indicating these turnoffs.

The Nahma Grade Snowmobile Trail: 31 miles

This marked and groomed trail is maintained jointly by the USDA Forest Service and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and offers connections to other trails to increase your enjoyment. The trail head is on I-40 near County Road 509, 2 miles east of Rapid River, in Delta County. The first segment is 11 miles long and is located on a natural gas pipeline. It passes through lowlands, stands of jack pine, and sand flats. Near Forest Highway 13, the trail takes you north 20.3 miles to connect with the Baldy Lake Trail at County Road 440. Much of this segment uses the old abandoned logging railroad grades.

North Hiawatha Trail: 18 miles

The North Hiawatha Trail runs from the Forest’s northwest boundary, near Rock River, to M-94 south of Christmas. At M-94 it connects with the east-west running Coal Wood Grade ORV Trail. North, at Rock River, the North Hiawatha Trail connects with a trail that leads west near M-28 towards Marquette.

Chatham Trail: 1.5 miles

This is a short, well-defined trail which serves as a link between the town of Chatham and the North Hiawatha Trail. Services available in Chatham include phone, fuel, groceries, and taverns.

Christmas Trail: 7 miles

The Christmas Trail links the North Hiawatha Trail with the towns of Christmas and Munising. Services available in both of these towns include phone, fuel, groceries, lodging, taverns, restaurants, and snowmobile repair. Munising also has a hospital, ambulance service, state police, and county sheriff. The Munising-Christmas link of this trail is not marked or maintained. Access to this link can be obtained either at the west end of Varnum Street in Munising, or 1 mile south of Christmas on the Perch Lake Road.

Coal Wood Trail: 10 miles

The Coal Wood Trail is located approximately 8 miles southwest of Munising on M-94. This east-west running trail connects the North Hiawatha Trail with the Haywire Grade located to the east in Shingleton. Services available in Shingleton include phone, fuel, groceries, bar and restaurant. This trail also provides access to the Baldy Lake Trail, located 1 mile east of M-94, southwest of Munising.

Baldy Lake Trail: 13 miles

The Baldy Lake Trail begins 1 mile off M-94 along the Coal Wood Trail and proceeds south to Delta County Road 440 where it links with the Nahma Grade Trail. Phone, fuel, and food are available 1/4 mile west of the trail on FR-2254. Phone, food, and supplies are also available along FH-13, 1 mile east of the intersection of Baldy Lake Trail and Delta County Road 440.


Where to get snowmobiles, parts and servicing

New snowmobiles, equipment and parts and servicing for your machine are available at the shops below. Currently, no one rents snowmobiles in our area.

Cycle City, Inc., Escanaba

Race-Driven, Escanaba (parts only)