Hunting in Delta County

Delta County and the surrounding Bays De Noc provide a wonderful and diverse habitat for some of Michigan’s most exciting game species. This offers the hunter an outstanding opportunity to travel to one central location and fill their tags and bags without having to travel to several distant destinations to get good hunting experiences.

Our deer hunting is excellent. Our Federal and State Forest lands combined with private and corporate land open to hunting under CFR designation, offers tremendous access to hunters. Combine this with some of the highest deer density per square mile in the U.P. and you have the recipe for a successful hunt. As the buck poles at many deer camps can attest, Delta County produces some monster bucks every year. The best bets are Western Delta County on or near the farmlands of Menominee County.

Our upland bird hunting is very good as well. There are many stands of timber in various stages of harvest and reproduction that provide a varied habitat for grouse and woodcock. When the flights are down from Canada our Woodcock hunting can be phenomenal as these little rockets rest up on our woodlots before their long trip across the water. When upland game is your quest check out the Mead lands open to hunting and some of the State and National Forest under timber management.

When it comes to waterfowl, Delta County provides the best recipe for success in Northern Michigan. We have tremendous opportunity to hunt flight ducks in our bays and marshes and early season hunting provides an ample crop of Mallards and local Wood Ducks Areas such as the mouth of the Rapid and Whitefish Rivers and Portage Bay provide good hunting. Small game such as rabbits and squirrels are really under hunted in Delta County. Large Maple and Beech forests and ample low land for rabbits ensure an ample supply of these great game species. Bring your dogs and have a blast chasing the elusive Snowshoe Hare the “Ghost of the Northwoods”.

Bear hunting is another popular pursuit in Delta County. Our berry patches and woodlands produce big healthy Black Bears that roam the swamps and woods almost all year long. Each year, locals tell about the huge bear or big bear tracks that they have seen while out in the woods or up in their bow stands. Some of these brutes end up on the wall of our Delta County hunting camps but there are still plenty of them out there waiting for you to come and stalk.


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Camp Dodge
1505 N. Lincoln Raod
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