Ice Fishing Report – January 26, 2021

[Featured Image: Andre from Afton, Michigan]

Visit Escanaba has teamed up with local lure experts and the friendliest bait shop owners in the U.P. to bring you a weekly ice fishing report for the Bays de Noc. Remember, you can trust the ice as much as you can trust how many fish that an angler claims to catch. That being said, this report is weekly and may not be current, so always use caution and sound judgment as the conditions on the bay can change daily if not sometimes hourly. And lastly, enjoy fishing in the Walleye Capital of the World!

Jon has been busy over at Bayshore Bait & Tackle as the fishing is starting to heat-up! He counted around 80 phone calls he received on Monday asking about the ice conditions, and we make for request number 81!

Jon at Bayshore Bait & Tackle, 1323 N Lake Shore Dr, Gladstone, MI 49837

(906) 428-9687

Ice is dangerous in the following places: 

-Stay away from Saunders Point 

-Avoid Coal Docks

-Stay away from Mouth of the Days River

Where the ice is safe (always use caution and good judgment):

-North Bay Kipling Launch has 5 ½” – 8” of ice

-Days River Launch (Yellow Gate) near Kipling. You can find it at the 2nd yellow gate coming from the south, or it is 3.2 miles north from Bayshore Bait & Tackle

-Gladstone Yacht Club has 8”-11’ of ice.

What’s Biting?

-Few nice perch and some eater walleye. Lots of reports of 8-14 inch walleye. 

Lures that should be on your line:

-Shiver Minnows in Goby color

-#7 Jigging Rap

-Buckshot Spoons

-Tungsten Jigs

-Bink Spoons

-EuroTackle z viber

Good Advice: 

“Even if we have 8-10 inches and your measuring out for the first time bring a chisel with you just to check every so often because the way this year has been with the strong currents you might have 8inches and you wander another 5 feet you might have 2-3inches. Always be aware of your surrounding’s out there and safety is the number one concern for you everybody.”-1/26/21

For more insight on what’s happening on the ice, you can always visit Jon and his friendly pup Lucy, at Bayshore Tackle and Bait in Kipling.

Diane at Bay View Bait and Tackle7110 US Highway 2 41 M35, Gladstone

(906) 786-1488

Diane at Bay View Bait and Tackle in Gladstone is happy to see the ice forming “This cold weather has definitely helped”-1/25/21

Ice is dangerous in the following places:

-Anywhere South of Gladstone after a mile or so

-Saunders Point

Where is the ice safe (always use caution and good judgment):

-North Days River Gate near Kipling. You can find it at the 2nd yellow gate coming from the south, or it is 3.2 miles north from Bayshore Bait and Tackle. There are two yellow gates so make sure you’re at the right one.

-North Bay Kipling Launch

-Vagabond Acess

What’s Biting?

-One of the guys who rent shacks caught a 10-pounder walleye on Saturday

-Most people I have seen today are perch fishing with wigglers 

Lures that should be on your line:

-Tip-ups with suckers for walleye or pike

-Jigging Raps (Rapala) for walleye the little ones for perch

-Buckshot spoons for walleye the little ones for perch

-Shiver Minnows for walleye

Good Advice:

“Just be careful and don’t go anywhere where you don’t see anyone else. Not on top of other people but watch the ice” -1/25/21

You can always visit Diane for advice and a friendly yooper greeting at Bay View Bait and Tackle in Gladstone. 

Local Fisherman Chandler Husbye

Chandler was born and raised in Gladstone and has been ice fishing the bay since he was 12 years old. He is addicted to getting out on the ice and spends about 4 days a week on Little Bay de Noc. Check out his most recent catch. Have you seen a Northern Pike like this before?

Husbye was out on the Bay from last Wednesday through Friday and reports that the fishing was a little slower than usual for him. “Between the three days, we probably caught 12 to 15 keeper walleyes between the three of us. Nothing super big.” However, Husbye, was pleasantly surprised when he pulled out an anomaly from under the ice. “Ive never seen anything like it before. It had the body and head of a 30 inch Northern but its tail seemed to be missing. Im not sure if it got injured when it was young or what”. You can see Husbyes catch above.  Despite fishing on the Bay for years it appears that every day is still full of surprises. 

The high winds last week made it a little more difficult to withstand temperatures on the ice, but these temps have helped create more coverage on the Bay. Husbye suggests that the head of the Bay has around 5-6 inches from what he has been told and has found. “There has been a lot of pressure outside of Gladstone and a lot less over by Kipling in terms of people fishing”. According to Husbye, people are taking snowmobilers and four-wheelers out by Kipling now after these cold temperatures. “I wouldn’t take side by sides out by Saunders point, there is never really good ice out there.” 

Chandler has been fishing with #3 Moonshine Shiver Minnows and #9 Jigging  Raps. He is is also using 3-6 inch sucker minnows on his tip-ups. You can follow Chandler Husby’s ice fishing adventures @yooperlandfisherman on Instagram or check back here for our weekly report to see what he’s catching. 

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