Ice Fishing Report – January 19, 2021

Fishing Report

The week of 1/19/21-1/24/21

Visit Escanaba has teamed up with local lure experts and the friendliest bait shop owners in the U.P. to bring you a weekly ice fishing report for Little Bay de Noc. Remember, you can trust the ice as much as you can trust how many fish that an angler claims to catch. That being said, this report is weekly and may not be current, so always use caution and sound judgment as the conditions on the bay can change daily if not sometimes hourly. And lastly, enjoy fishing in the Walleye Capital of the World!

Jon is excited as the ice finally is starting to build-up over the bay. He predicts by this weekend 1/22-1/24 that there will be coverage on the whole bay.

Jon at Bayshore Bait & Tackle, 1323 N Lake Shore Dr, Gladstone, MI 49837

(906) 428-9687

Ice is dangerous in the following places: 

-Narrows of Saunders point near Gladstone and Hunters Point on Stonington Peninsula. 

Where the ice is safe (always use caution and good judgment):

-The Yacht club in Gladstone. Jon has been getting reports of 4-7 inches at this spot.

-The North end up on the center reef. This is 4 miles North of Bayshore Bait and Tackle towards Rapid River. Jon has been getting reports of 8 inches of ice at this spot. 

What’s Biting?

Fat perch and some big walleye and quite a few pike. There have also been reports of whitefish being caught off of the yacht club.

Lures that should be on your line:

-Tip-ups for walleye

-Jigging Rap for walleye

-Shiver Minnows for walleye

-Buckshot spoons for walleye

-Binks for walleye

-Pro Series Spoons for walleye

-Little Spoons for perch

-Little Teardrops for perch

-Tungsten Jigs for perch

Good Advice: 

“Just because it’s getting colder doesn’t mean everywhere is safe so still use caution going out on the ice”.-1/19/21

For more insight on what’s happening on the ice, you can always visit Jon and his friendly pup Lucy, at Bayshore Tackle and Bait in Kipling.

Diane at Bay View Bait and Tackle7110 US Highway 2 41 M35, Gladstone

(906) 786-1488

Diane at Bay View Bait and Tackle in Gladstone is surprised by how many people are out on the ice “Someone said that their friend did really well on perch”-1/19/21

Ice is dangerous in the following places:

-Use caution on the bay until we get some colder weather 

Where is the ice safe (always use caution and good judgment):

-North Days River Gate near Kipling. You can find it at the 2nd yellow gate coming from the south, or it is 3.2 miles north from Bayshore Bait and Tackle. There are two yellow gates so make sure you’re at the right one.

What’s Biting?

-There are always reports of walleyes and the perch follow. Also heard a report of someone catching whitefish. Usually can catch whitefish south of Gladstone once the ice freezes.

Lures that should be on your line:

-Tip-ups with suckers for walleye or pike

-Jigging Raps (Rapala) for walleye the little ones for perch

-Buckshot spoons for walleye the little ones for perch

-Shiver Minnows for walleye

Good Advice:

“Be careful, if no one else is out on the ice there’s probably a reason why.”- 1/19/20

You can always visit Diane for advice and a friendly yooper greeting at Bay View Bait and Tackle in Gladstone. 

Local Fisherman Chandler Husbye

Chandler was born and raised in Gladstone and has been ice fishing the bay since he was 12 years old. He is addicted to getting out on the ice and spends about 4 days a week on Little Bay de Noc. The picture above is his most recent catch on January 19th. 

“The bite has been pretty good,” says Husbye. “I was hole hopping from one hole to another and started at 34 ft. and kept going shallower when I picked up that fish at dark around 22ft of water.” Husbye caught the hog jigging a #9 Jigging Rap with a yellow and green head and a white body with a minnow head attached. The night was off to a slow start for Husbye as he caught a couple of legal fish and lost two others. Luckily he stuck around to reel-in another nice walleye to add to his pictures of the beasts he has already caught this season. He chooses to release big catches so they can help grow the fish population in the bays and will take home legal-sized walleye here and there. 

As for what time to fish Chandler says, “The morning bite has been better than the evening bite even though I caught that bigger one at night, it has been busier in the morning.” 

His fishing report reflects the bait shops and he says people are taking four-wheelers out on the second gate (Days River Yellow Gate) where there is 5-7 inches on the center reef over to the Vagabond Resort. Off of Kipling, Chandler says no one is really going out there because there are a lot of thin spots. He also reports 3-6 inches near the Gladstone Yacht Club. 

“Most people are just walking out the front of the yacht club, I would not recommend taking a snowmobile out yet,” Husbye says. The consensus is clear with Chandler repeating that Gladstone south is not fishable or walkable yet. “This year has been different, normally people are taking snowmobiles off of Kipling but you can’t really walk out there yet.” Chandler among many other locals are looking forward to this week’s forecast of cold weather nights and more ice. 

You can follow Chandler Husby’s ice fishing adventures @yooperlandfisherman on Instagram or check back here for our weekly report to see what he’s catching. 


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