Ice Fishing Report – February 3, 2021

Fishing Report

The week of 2/2/21-2/7/21

Visit Escanaba has teamed up with local lure experts and the friendliest bait shop owners in the U.P. to bring you a weekly ice fishing report for Little Bay de Noc. Remember, you can trust the ice as much as you can trust how many fish that an angler claims to catch. That being said, this report is weekly and may not be current, so always use caution and sound judgment as the conditions on the bay can change daily if not sometimes hourly. And lastly, enjoy fishing in the Walleye Capital of the World!

Jon has been busy as usual at Bayshore Bait & Tackle and he had reports of pretty decent fishing this last week. 

Jon at Bayshore Bait & Tackle, 1323 N Lake Shore Dr, Gladstone, MI 49837

(906) 428-9687

Ice is dangerous in the following places: 

-Garth Point/ mouth of the Whitefish River

-Off the narrows 

-Anywhere south of Escanaba 

-Mouth the Escanaba River

-Mouth of the Days River

Where the ice is safe (always use caution and good judgment):

-The whole Upper Bay

-South of Gladstone

-Foot traffic anywhere from the Terrace Bay Hotel to the Escanaba Harbor

What’s Biting?

-Whitefish, walleye, perch, pike, and someone caught 40-inch sturgeon recently

Lures that should be on your line:

-Shiver Minnows in Goby color

-#7 Jigging Rap

-Buckshot Spoons

-Tungsten Jigs

-Bink Spoons

-EuroTackle z viber


Good Advice: 

  • “Use caution and get away from the crowds and you’ll get into some good fish”-2/2/2021

For more insight on what’s happening on the ice, you can always visit Jon and his friendly pup Lucy, at Bayshore Tackle and Bait in Kipling. Check out Visit Escanaba’s Facebook page to see Jon give a video report on the ice conditions!

Diane at Bay View Bait and Tackle7110 US Highway 2 41 M35, Gladstone

(906) 786-1488

Diane at Bay View Bait and Tackle in Gladstone has been in awe of how busy the ice has been, 

“The weekend was crazy, I think everyone is sold out on bait except me” -2/1/2021

Ice is dangerous in the following places:

-Anywhere South of Gladstone after a mile or so

-Saunders Point

Where is the ice safe (always use caution and good judgment):

-North Days River Gate near Kipling. You can find it at the 2nd yellow gate coming from the south, or it is 3.2 miles north from Bayshore Bait and Tackle. There are two yellow gates so make sure you’re at the right one.

-North Bay Kipling Launch

-Vagabond Access

What’s Biting?

-Perch is slowing down a little a bit but this last week a lot of people were catching their limit

-People are still catching lots of walleye throughout the bay 

Lures that should be on your line:

-Tip-ups with suckers for walleye or pike

-Jigging Raps (Rapala) for walleye the little ones for perch

-Buckshot spoons for walleye the little ones for perch

-Shiver Minnows for walleye

-Moonshine Lures

Good Advice:

“Be careful as always!” -2/1/2021

You can always visit Diane for advice and a friendly yooper greeting at Bay View Bait and Tackle in Gladstone. 

Local Fisherman Chandler Husbye

Chandler was born and raised in Gladstone and has been ice fishing the bay since he was 12 years old. He is addicted to getting out on the ice and spends about 4 days a week on Little Bay de Noc.

According to Husbye, Thursday and Friday were pretty slow for fishing because the area had a high-pressure system. Despite the wind on  Saturday morning, the bite started heating-up as a low-pressure system moved in. 

“A lot of people are getting out there now. A lot of the bait shops ran out of bait because there were so many people getting out. Between six guys, we had 13 keepers and one over 30-inches, and we released 2 other fish, and we also caught 2 whitefish and 4 perch.”

According to Husbye, the ice has been improving quite a bit. The word on the ice is that the head of the Bay has between 10-12 inches. South of the second yellow gate (North Days River Gate near Kipling) and the Vagabond Acess near Vagabond Resort,  there have been between 8-12 inches. People have been able to take out side-by-sides and four-wheelers. There is also about 4-6 inches from Gladstone south. 

“I always stay away from the river’s mouth and Saunders Point south, that’s always open water there or really thin ice. I wouldn’t say any trucks quite yet from Days River south, maybe in a few days”. 

As for lures Husbye used a #5 Jigging Rap and quarter-ounce spoons during Thursday when there was a high-pressure system. As for Saturday, they fished with #5,#7, and #9 Jigging Raps all tipped with minnow heads and 3 to 5-inch sucker minnows. The depth fished at was anywhere between 20 ft. and 35 ft. of water. 

 You can follow Chandler Husby’s ice fishing adventures @yooperlandfisherman on Instagram or check back here for our weekly report to see what he’s catching. 


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