Ice Fishing Report February 23, 2021

Quick Overview:

Hi, my name is Baylie, and I am the Marketing Coordinator for Visit Escanaba. Something odd has happened that many folks won’t say in their lifetime, but here it is; I love Mondays. Every Monday, I get into my car, hop on the road, give a wave to my office as I pass, and head over to what I have nicknamed “Fisherman’s Drive.” 

Fisherman’s Drive begins with a stop at Bayview Bait and Tackle in Gladstone, then back to US-2 to Bayshore Bait & Tackle near Kipling, and lately, down the road to Blades Bait and Tackle. Every Monday, I have the pleasure of relaying the ice and fishing conditions happening out on “The Walleye Capital of the World.” 

My mornings always start with a friendly greeting from our bait shop owners and never end without a good fishing story.  This week was especially great because it included picture after picture of beautiful fish caught in just one day. Luckily we have that all for you below. 


Jon at Bayshore Bait & Tackle, 1323 N Lake Shore Dr, Gladstone, MI 49837

(906) 428-9687

Fishing Derby:

Jon over at Bayshore Bait and Tackle hosted their Annual Ice Fishing Derby and to say that it was a success is an understatement. They had 64 teams, and 14 teams reeled in placing walleyes. Here are the top places for fish in each category:

Team Winning Walleye: 24.7 inches

Big Walleye Contest Winner: 12.47 lbs

Big Pike Contest Winner: 13.78 lbs

Team Winning Perch: 2.2lbs

Ice Conditions from Jon at Bayshore Bait & Tackle:

-Upper Bay has 18-23 inches

-Escanaba South to Ford River 10-17 inches

“Use caution off of the mouth of the Ford River. A hundred yards east of the ice shove, there is an open area about 20ft by 50ft”.

Jon suggestions for Lures:

-Shiver Minnows 

-Jigging Raps


-Tip-ups with suckers

“Watch the Barometric Pressure. Once it gets around 29.46 to 29.75, the fishing is going to heat up.”

For more insight on what’s happening on the ice, you can always visit Jon and his friendly pup Lucy at Bayshore Tackle and Bait in Kipling.

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